eXPand the future.

Following successful validation, the expanding insulating shell iTEX XP originally used in the aviation sector has now moved into automotive engineering. What is different about iTEX XP is that, when heated, it expands to fit the installation space perfectly, improving acoustic sound-absorbing properties and self-damping. Unlike other expanding fibre materials, iTEX XP uses no carcinogenic ceramic fibres whatsoever. As a result, our insulating shell conforms to REACH and is 100 % recyclable.

iTEX XP opens up completely new avenues in thermal and acoustic insulation and is a real revolution in insulating technology.

Natürlich von ISOLITE.

Article in the MTZ (02/2014) ENG
Article in the MTZ (02/2014) GER

Popcorn-Effekt Popcorn-Effekt Popcorn-Effekt Popcorn-Effekt

The popcorn effect of iTEX XP.

What does popcorn have in common with our new insulating technology? Both popcorn and iTEX XP expand when they are first heated, then retain their shape. They are also both biodegradable. However, when it comes to insulating solutions and application temperatures of up to 1,000 °C, our XP ought to have a clear advantage.

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